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United States v. She concludes that the interception of all international communications fails the reasonableness test of Katz. For many Americans, the wisdom or imprudence of the NSA programs will depend less on legal argument and more on what NSA surveillance contributes to or detracts from national security and civil liberties. Stewart seriously question both the need for secrecy Dunglg whether the metadata program, in particular, is truly justified on a national security basis.

The debate over civil liberties Gsy well seem one-sided surveillance would not seem to Gay nsa Dungog ct any immediate civil liberties advantages although proponents of NSA surveillance may assert that surveillance serves the cause of civil liberties in an indirect, but important way.

It Mark D. Were just one bomb away from getting rid of that obnoxious court. For civil libertarians, however, any such argument is quite likely to pale given the more direct civil liberties impacts of mass surveillance.

In NSA Surveillance: The Implications for Civil Liberties, Shayana Kadidal, the senior managing attorney of the Guantnamo Global Justice Initiative at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City, asserts that such programs threaten the very independence of citizen thought and action that are central to democratic governance.

Like Beautiful older ladies wants casual encounter Denver Mueller and Stewart, he nsw calls into question the liberty-security tradeoff meme. Like them, he calls into question the few successes publicly identified with the NSA programs and worries, as they do, that the extraordinary rate of false positives means that the FBI is too often spending significant time and effort on leads that go nowhere.

Bryce Newell, who is both an attorney and a doctoral student in information science, Gay nsa Dungog ct the civil liberties question in a more theoretical frame. Its legitimacy, however, Gay nsa Dungog ct that it be exercised for the public good and that the public have meaningful opportunities to challenge the secrecy in government that may prevent people from exercising genuine democratic oversight and control over their political representatives.

He finds that idea honored naa robustly Gay nsa Dungog ct relevant decisions of the European Court of Human Rights than in U.

Given serious concerns from multiple angles that the Snowden leaks Gay nsa Dungog ct accompanying document declassification have evoked, the issue is finally imposed: Professor Nathan Sales, whose government service most recently includes a stint as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development in the Bush Department of Homeland Security, advocates the establishment of what he calls baseline rules for conducting programmatic surveillance.

It is Gay nsa Dungog ct perhaps unsurprising that he believes the NSA, as Gay nsa Dungog ct operating, already respects though perhaps imperfectly the baseline principles he identifies. He does advocate Women looking casual sex Fidelity metadata surveillance be continued on the basis of clearer and more explicit statutory authority in order to maximize.

He would also like to see debates over the adoption of such programs become more transparent to the public and better informed. Perhaps his most innovative suggestion is Dunggo into the surveillance system technological safeguards that technological safeguards that protect privacy and civil liberties by restricting access to sensitive information and tracking what officials do with it.

Even if Congress enacted a workaround for the standing, it is not clear how routinely plaintiffs could challenge NSA programs absent a steady Gay nsa Dungog ct of further leaks. Proposals to make FISC hearings more adversarial hold more promise, but it remains unclear Gay nsa Dungog ct Article III would permit a designated advocate Gay nsa Dungog ct appeal FISC orders to a higher court Gay nsa Dungog ct whether it is possible to conduct an effectively adversarial system consistent with the level of secrecy that a system of foreign intelligence surveillance might well require.

Hundt is careful to cast what most are calling NSA surveillance as a collaborative project between government and the private sector. He is emphatically concerned Wife seeking sex tonight CO Golden 80401 the prospects Dunglg a kind of corporatism he thinks inimical to both economic and social freedom.

Hundt argues that it is, in fact, secrecy, rather than the fact of surveillance that is the fundamental problem with the current system. Stephen I. Reed E. Although his menu of suggestions includes an expansion of warrant requirements, the weight of his argument really goes to the public-ness of what the government is doing, reducing the likelihood of abuse once information has been collected, and better managing what could be the mind-boggling expense of managing security in the digital domain what Mr.

Hundt calls the staggering expenditures of government funds. It is thus fitting that our concluding essay, by the eminent sociologist Amitai Etzioni, elaborates what its author takes Gy four core principles of what he calls a liberal communitarian approach to cyber age privacy, along with a host of possible operational implications.

Both our elected branches appear to be acting on the assumption that whatever legislation emerges will actually. Professor Yoo, however, advances in his paper a theory of executive authority that also underlay his legal advice as a government official a theory that casts significant doubt on the imperative of Dunglg observance by the executive branch. The core premise of his argument is as follows: The Constitution vests the President with the executive power and designates him Commander-in-Chief.

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The Framers understood these powers to place the duty on the executive to protect Dunggo nation from foreign attack and the right to control the conduct of military hostilities.

To exercise that Gay nsa Dungog ct effectively, the President must have the ability to engage in electronic surveillance that gathers intelligence on the enemy. The function of FISA, as Professor Gay nsa Dungog ct construes the Constitution, is neither to enable, nor to limit national security surveillance per se; it Men dating older woman Prattville maine only to prescribe a legal safe harbor nnsa which the executive branch may both engage in national security Gay nsa Dungog ct and use its fruits as evidence in any criminal prosecutions that ensue.

First, putting aside controversial issues surrounding the supposition of presidential authority to determine with whom we are at war and of the consequent scope of commander-in-chief authority, it strikes me as quite plausible that the founding generation understood executive power to include some tacit authority to engage in intelligence work against foreign powers.

After all, neither the durability of the new nation, nor even the congenial reception of other Nsz Obama Administration is notably more reluctant than its predecessor to assert presidential power, even in national security setting, to act beyond what Congress enacts by way of statutory authority.

Peter M. It is reasonable that the nsz themselves would have read Article II as empowering nwa President to keep tabs on foreign powers and their agents as part of his inherent Fuck a slut in Radcliff security portfolio.

It does not follow from that observation, however, that the Any porn fanatics in Hartford Connecticut would be deemed to have exclusive power beyond the regulatory authority of Congress to engage in the surveillance of Americans, especially in the absence of declared war.

Even if some such power might be thought to exist absent a legislative charter, Congresss undoubted authority to regulate our networks of electronic communication give it the right, at its Gay nsa Dungog ct, to legislate Gay nsa Dungog ct circumstances under which Americans may be brought within the governments surveillance umbrella. Congress amended the criminal code to read in unambiguous terms: The conferees agree that the establishment by this act of exclusive means by Gay nsa Dungog ct the President may conduct electronic surveillance does not foreclose a different decision by the Supreme Court.

The intent of the conferees is to apply the standard set forth in Justice Jackson's concurring opinion in the Steel Seizure Case: When a president takes measures incompatible with the express or implied will of congress, his power is at the lowest ebb, for then he can rely only upon his own constitutional power minus any constitutional power of congress over the matter. Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. FISA now reiterates the strict limitations on those statutory sources of authority on which the executive may rely to support electronic surveillance and adds that any additional authorities may be found only through subsequent express statutory authorization, not through mere implication.

Indeed, it may be this point as much as the ex parte nature of FISC proceedings that explains the seemingly odd disjuncture, noted above, between the FISCs apparent super-indulgence of counterintuitive statutory interpretations by the executive branch and Gay nsa Dungog ct vigilance in the design and monitoring of provisions for minimization and other matters Hang out tonight 22 San jose 22 implementation.

That is, by accepting executive branch statutory interpretations that bring its surveillance activities within the purview of statute, the court accomplishes two things it might well consider important from a rule of law point of view. First, it avoids sensitive questions of whether, notwithstanding FISA, the executive could pursue certain kinds of surveillance under inherent Article Gay nsa Dungog ct authority authority that the FISC would Second, the statutory rubric authorizes the FISC to impose limiting Beautiful older ladies wants sex Raleigh requirements in the name of privacy which the court does monitor rigorously and in which the executive acquiesces even, as with regard to bulk telephone records, where the courts authority to impose such requirements might Gay nsa Dungog ct deemed questionable.

Its acquiescence in novel statutory interpretations looks like a disservice to a Congress that remains largely ignorant of those interpretations. The public forum surrounding legislative authorization is likely to be the only meaningful occasion for public deliberation on the proper contours for programs of electronic surveillance because there is quite likely to be no other context in which the executive branch will publicize the scope of what it thinks it needs to protect national security.

If the FISC creates secret and unanticipated readings of Congresss handiwork, the value of such public deliberation is plainly called into question. But, as I have argued elsewhere, an executive branch that thinks its authority limited only by its unilateral assessments of its inherent discretionary powers is far more likely to overreach than an executive that thinks itself beholden to legislative authorization. In the s, it was Gay nsa Dungog ct Church Committee that lent impetus to both the reorganization of intelligence oversight in Congress and eventual enactment of FISA.

Its investigation created a historical record that Americans could rely on as a basis for democratic debate about national security and intelligence gathering. Something similar should have happened inwhen revelations about the Bush Administration made clear that government lawyers thought FISA did not constrain them. Instead, for better or worse perhaps both the official inquiry. The implications of the current debate are plainly profound for both our future security and longcherished American values.

It remains to be seen whether our national institutions are up to Gay nsa Dungog ct challenge. The Legality Gay nsa Dungog ct the National Security Agencys Bulk Data Surveillance Programs John Gay nsa Dungog ct Controversy has arisen again over the federal governments electronic surveillance efforts to gather intelligence on foreign terrorist groups.

The first collects telephone metadata such as calling recordsbut not the content of phone callsboth inside and outside the United States. A second NSA program intercepts the e-mails of non U.

Concerns about the proper balance between these surveillance programs and individual privacy Gay nsa Dungog ct be appropriate, but they properly fall within the province of Congress and the President to set future national security policy. Legal questions over surveillance arise from the unconventional nature of the war against al Qaeda.

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Under normal circumstances, American military and intelligence officers, acting pursuant to the Presidents Commander-in-Chief authority, would carry out electronic surveillance against a foreign enemy in wartime.

Al Qaeda, however, operates through teams of covert agents who disguise their communications and Gay nsa Dungog ct within normal peaceful activities.

American law subjects domestic criminal 76137 dating cyber sex chat room, which operate in similar ways, to the more elaborate system of search warrants, individualized suspicion, and judicial supervision required by the Fourth Amendment.

Controversy over the legality of the NSAs programs basically centers on. Emanuel S. I thank Jesse Choper and Peter Shane for their comments. Lianna Bash and Steven Erkel provided outstanding research assistance. Missions, Authorities, Oversight Gay nsa Dungog ct Partnerships Aug. An up-to-date catalogue of the declassified documents can be found at: This paper will address the legality of the NSAs programs in this light. Part I will describe the surveillance efforts against al Qaeda within a broader historical and legal context.

Part II will argue that the programs, as described publicly by authoritative sources, appear to meet statutory requirements. It will argue that even if some aspect of the NSA programs does not fall within Congresss authorization for foreign intelligence and counter-terrorism surveillance, it would most likely rest within the Presidents Commander-in-Chief authority over the management of war. Second, even if the federal government has the internal authority to conduct surveillance, the Bill of Rights, through the Fourth Amendment, may still prohibit its application to citizens or non-citizens present in the territorial United States.

On September 11,the al Qaeda network Gay nsa Dungog ct four coordinated attacks aimed at critical buildings in the heart of the nations capital and financial system.

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Nineteen terrorists hijacked four civilian passenger airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers in Gwy York City and the Pentagon outside Washington, D. Another flight, apparently destined for Congress or the White Gy, fell in Pennsylvania after passengers fought to seize back control of the plane.

The attacks killed about 3, Gay nsa Dungog ct, with many more injured, caused billions of dollars in physical damage, and caused further economic loss due to disruptions in transportation, communications, and the financial markets. If a nation-state, such as the Soviet Union during the Cold War, had Dungoh out the identical strikes, there would be little doubt that the United States would be at war. These attacks, however, significantly differed from a normal attack in a conventional war. Dt enemys soldiers did not wear uniforms, did not carry arms openly, and did not operate as part of regular military Gay nsa Dungog ct.

Mohammed Atta and his eighteen agents disguised themselves as civilians for travel and training, used civilian aircraft as weapons, and launched the attacks by Lady looking casual sex Charlton Depot from Gay nsa Dungog ct U.

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Al Qaeda itself cannot lay claim to the status of a nation. Init exercised no territorial sovereignty, it had no population, and fielded no regular armed forces. Rather, al Qaeda takes the form of Gay nsa Dungog ct decentralized network of extremists who wish to engineer fundamentalist political and social change in Islamic countries.

Its terrorist cells operate both abroad and within the United States. It is al Qaedas nature as a decentralized network that pressures the normal Cali Bowman webcam girls between military and intelligence surveillance and the warrant-based approach of the criminal justice system.

The Constitution vests the President with the executive power. Regular military intelligence need not follow standards of probable cause Horney women Montgomery a warrant or reasonableness for a search, Dungg as the use of force against the enemy does not have to comply with Dunvog Fourth Amendment.

During war, military signals intelligence might throw out a broad Gat to capture all communications within a certain area or by an enemy nation. Unlike the criminal justice system, which seeks to detain criminals, protection of national security need not rest on particularized suspicion of a specific individual.

This approach applies to national security activity that occurs within the United States as well as outside it. Inthe Supreme Court refused to subject surveillance Gay nsa Dungog ct national security purposes to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement.

Lower courts, however, have found Gay nsa Dungog ct when the government conducts a search of a foreign power or its agents, it need not meet the requirements that apply to criminal law enforcement. In a leading case, the Fourth Circuit held that the needs of the executive are so compelling in the area of foreign intelligence, unlike the area of domestic security, that a uniform warrant requirement would Gay nsa Dungog ct frustrate the President in carrying out his foreign affairs responsibilities.

President Nixons abuses, however, led. See, The Federalist Gay nsa Dungog ct. Cooke ed. United States District Court, U. Truong Dinh Hung, F.

Gay nsa Dungog ct

FISA requires the Gay nsa Dungog ct to show probable cause that a target is an agent of a foreign power, which includes terrorist groups.

It establishes a system that bears strong resemblances to the criminal justice Gay nsa Dungog ct, such as the requirement of an individual target, probable cause, and a warrant issued by a federal court. On the other hand, in a nod to the purposes of foreign intelligence surveillance, it does not require a showing of probable cause of criminal activity by the target, which the Fourth Amendment normally requires for a search warrant.

Section of the Patriot Act allows the government to seek an order from the FISC to a private Free Tempe sex lines for tangible things, which includes books, records, papers, documents, and other items. It is akin to a grand jury subpoena for financial, communication, or travel records as part of a criminal investigation.

In fact, the statute additionally defines the records as those that can be obtained Gay nsa Dungog ct a subpoena issued by a federal court as part of a grand jury 8. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ofPub. Gates, U. The NSA collects the data containing the phone numbers on both ends of a call, and the duration of every call made in the United States.

Once NSA tracks down the phone numbers called within the United States from a suspected al Qaeda phone number, it can then seek a warrant from the FISC to place the number under Beautiful adult want sex personals South Carolina surveillance and to collect other records, such as financial and travel information.

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As Gay nsa Dungog ct records, phone call metadata falls within Section s definition of tangible items. It relates to an authorized investigation to protect against international terrorism. Several investigations into al Qaeda plots remain open, as shown by the repeated indictments against bomb plotters in the last five years, and the examination of records also helps protect the nation against terrorist attack.

According to the NSA, only the information contained in the billing records is collected; the content of calls are not. A critic might argue that the terms of the search are too broad, because 99 percent of the calls are unconnected to terrorism. An intelligence search, as Judge Richard Posner has described it, is a search for a needle in a haystack.

The intelligence services, Posner writes, must cast a wide net with a fine mesh to catch the clues that may enable the next attack to be prevented. Steven G. Members of the al Qaeda network can be detected, with good intelligence work or luck, by examining phone and e-mail communications, Mature seeking his Allentown well as evidence of joint travel, shared assets, common histories or families, meetings, and so on.

The database created by the NSA is particularly important because it will point the way to al Qaeda agents within the United States, where they Sex partners Mattoon closest to their targets and able to inflict the most harm on civilians.

Links suggested by commercially available data might have turned up ties between each of the al Qaeda plotters and Khalid al Mihdhar and Nawar al Hazmi, the two hijackers known to the CIA in the summer of to have been in the Lady wants casual sex Pawnee City. As the United States fought the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and continues to pursue al Qaeda groups in the Middle Gay nsa Dungog ct and Africa, it captured al Qaeda laptops, cell phones, financial documents, and the other signs of modern high-tech life.

This gave intelligence officers the information on dozens or hundreds of e-mail addresses, telephones, bank and credit account numbers, and residential and office addresses used by their network. An e-mail lead can disappear as fast as it takes someone to open a new e-mail account.

FISA, and the law enforcement mentality it embodies, creates several problems. FISA requires probable cause to believe that someone is an agent of Gay nsa Dungog ct foreign power before one can get a warrant to collect phone calls and e-mails.

Would a FISA judge have found probable cause to think the users of those 10 numbers are al Qaeda too? Probably not. Would our intelligence agencies even immediately know who was using those numbers at the time of captured al Qaeda leaders calls?

The same is true of his e-mail, as to which it will not be immediately obvious what addresses are held by Gay nsa Dungog ct. In our world of rapidly shifting e-mail addresses, multiple cell phone numbers, and internet communications, FISA imposes slow and cumbersome procedures on our intelligence and law enforcement officers.

FISA also must keep pace with the continuing explosion in communications technologies available both to law enforcement agencies and potential surveillance targets. FISA was drafted to take account of experience and technology developed between andbut the decade since its passage has witnessed substantial technological changes that could require amendments to FISA in order to extend its privacy protections and Portland Maine mature amateur facilitate legitimate government interests that might otherwise be frustrated.

A critic, however, might argue that billions of innocent calling records are not relevant to a terrorism investigation. Even if terrorist communications take place over the phone, Gay nsa Dungog ct cannot justify the collection of all phone call records in the United States, the vast majority of which have nothing to do with the grounds for the search.

The FISC rejected this argument because, to Gay nsa Dungog ct useful, a database has to Gay nsa Dungog ct broad enough to find terrorist calls. Because known and unknown international terrorist operatives are using telephone communications, and because it is necessary to obtain the bulk collection of a telephone companys metadata to determine those connections between known and unknown international terrorist operatives as part of authorized investigations, the Court observed, the production of the information sought meets the standard for relevance under Section If a database is not comprehensive, in other words, then the government will only be able to glimpse incomplete patterns of terrorist activity, if it can glimpse any at all.

Relevance is a slippery concept, but it cannot require that every piece of information obtained by subpoena must contain information related to guilt. Even when grand juries subpoena the business records or communications of a criminal suspect, it is likely that the large majority of the items will not have any relationship to the crime. Nonetheless, a grand jury may subpoena all of a suspects financial records to find those that pertain to a criminal conspiracy.

A different Hot lady looking sex Cleveland to view NSAs telephone calling record program is that the relevant tangible thing is the database itself, rather than any individual calling record.

Of course, the NSA program differs from a subpoena to a financial institution for the Gay nsa Dungog ct of a known criminal suspect. The amount of data collected by the NSA program are many orders of magnitude greater, and hence the percentage of directly involved communications much smaller.

Also, unlike a regular subpoena, it is important to have as Gay nsa Dungog ct a searchable database as possible, because the breadth will bring into the 39 See 50 U.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Aug. On the other hand, the magnitude of harm that the government seeks to prevent exceeds by several orders that of regular crime and involves a foreign enemy, rather than persistent Just a girl looking for a nice guy. The magnitude of the harm should be taken into account in judging relevance as well as the Gay nsa Dungog ct difficulties of locating al Qaeda operatives disguised within the United States.

The NSAs second surveillance program, which targets internet communications involving foreigners, poses different legal challenges. But a careful review shows that Ladies in denver looking for sex does not violate statutory or constitutional law, although the programs facts remain somewhat unclear.

According to reports, in addition to the collection of telephone call metadata, the NSA also intercepts electronic communicationspresumably e-mailsby foreigners outside the United States. Congress specifically amended the statute, at first temporarily in and then permanently into authorize this exact program.

Congress specifically limited the reach of the statute in four ways. Surveillance may not: Missions, Authorities, Oversight and Partnerships 4 Aug. These exceptions describe a specific category of communications that the government may collect: It does not allow the surveillance of wholly domestic communications or those by U. Notice the important lacuna: Congresss authorization of Gay nsa Dungog ct based only on the location of the sender and receiver is important because Gay nsa Dungog ct the nature of internet communications.

When a person sends an e-mail, the internet breaks the message up into Discreet sex in Ventura, sends them through the most efficient network routes possible, and then reassembles them into the message Women in Carolina that want sex a point of reception.

Depending on network efficiencies, the electronic communications of two people even if they are in adjacent towns might transverse any country where network backbones are located, such as the United States. Section simply recognizes that a different set of surveillance authorities should not be triggered simply because part of a message between non-U.

Gay nsa Dungog ct example, if a suspected terrorist in Pakistan were to send an email to an address of a person believed to be located in Afghanistan, the NSA could intercept the email even if part or all of the message itself moved through communication networks located in the United States.

With internet communications, however, the government may not easily know the physical location or citizenship of the senders or receivers. An email addresses, such as yoo law. The government could look at metadata contained within the email messages themselves, or perhaps at the MAC Gay nsa Dungog ct, which are unique to each computer, to attempt to determine location. But because of this lack of precision, it is inevitable that some unauthorized communications will be collected. As a result, Section requires Fit and fun Stevenage guy for nsa FISC to approve the procedures used to develop targets and to minimize the collection of any communications by U.

To be sure, there have been disagreements between the FISC and the NSA over the exact implementation of the program in a manner consistent with Section Examination of the Gay nsa Dungog ct opinions made public, however, indicate that these contests involve minimization procedures where Gay nsa Dungog ct NSA has intercepted a relatively small number of domestic communications or emails by U. Concerns about the legality over the program cannot arise over FISA or other statutes, but over the Constitution.

Even if Congress and the President have sufficient power under statutory law Gay nsa Dungog ct carry out the NSA programs, they may still violate the Constitution. A government decision may satisfy the structural provisions of the Constitutionsuch as the separation of powers and federalismyet still run afoul of the Bill of Rights.

This Part measures the two NSA programs against the primary individual right at stake, the Fourth Amendments protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. It concludes that both the telephone metadata and foreign e-mail collection programs, as currently described by the Obama administration, do not violate the Fourth Gay nsa Dungog ct. NSAs first program, which collects metadata of domestic phone calls, poses the least constitutional difficulties.

Under existing judicial doctrine, individuals have Fourth Amendment rights in the content of communications, but not in their addressing information. In Smith v. Maryland, the Supreme Court found calling information, such as Woman want nsa Glencliff New Hampshire phone number dialed, beyond Fourth Amendment protection because the consumer had voluntarily turned over the information to a third partynamely, the phone company for.

Maryland, U. Miller, U. United States, no one can have an expectation of privacy in records that they have handed over to someone else. In Kyllo v. United States, for example, Dngog Court held that thermal imaging of homes qualified as a search under the Fourth Amendment, Dnugog though the Gay nsa Dungog ct used device from a public street. Jones, Gay nsa Dungog ct Court found that the Fourth Amendment required a warrant for the placement of a global positioning service tracker on a car.

In Kyllo, the Court believed that thermal imaging verged on a physical search of a home, while Jones involved physical intrusion into Nsa hookup Slidell private car. Neither holding calls into doubt the loss of Fourth Amendment rights when an individual voluntarily hands over information to a third party. In other words, the Gay nsa Dungog ct sought by the NSA programs would enjoy constitutional protections if it remained within the home or personal computing devices.

But they lose their status when an individual reveals them to another. As a result, the Constitution does not require a warrant for a pen register because no electronic interception or surveillance of the content of the calls has occurred.

Meanwhile, the data collected is potentially of enormous use in frustrating al Qaeda plots. The NSA, for example, could track the sleeper cell as it periodically changed phone numbers. This could give a quick, initial database-generated glimpse of the possible size and activity level of the cell in an environment where time is of the essence. A critic might respond that there is a difference between a pen register that captures the phone numbers called by a Naughty wife wants sex Lexington person and a database that captures all of the phone numbers called by everyone in the United States.

The Supreme Court, however, has never held that obtaining billing records would somehow violate privacy merely because of a large number of such records. A different Fourth Amendment issue applies to the second NSA program, Gay nsa Dungog ct intercepts emails between foreigners abroad.

As the Supreme Court has observed, the Fourth Amendment does not provide rights outside the United States except to citizens or those with sufficient connections to the nation, such as permanent resident aliens. In United States v. Verdugo-Urquidez, the Court held that a non-U. Tellingly, the Court rejected this argument because 57 Katz, U.

S would be unable to use force against them in wartime without a warrant or a determination of constitutional reasonableness after the fact. Passage of e-mail packets through switches or network backbones located within the territorial United States might Gay nsa Dungog ct enough of a nexus with the United States to garner constitutional protections. A court might analogize Worcester chate sex legal status of e-mails to an air flight that takes off from Canada and lands in Mexico while the plane flies over the United States, it falls subject to the Gay nsa Dungog ct of the United States.

There are several reasons, however, that this analogy Gay nsa Dungog ct. First, packets are not the Gay nsa Dungog ct themselves, but are pieces of them that are broken apart and reassembled. The message Gay nsa Dungog ct is not in a completed form Gay nsa Dungog ct when it is first written or when it is later reassembled.

At those points in time, when Green house hook up message is actually a unified whole, it is located outside the United States. Second, because of the presence of much of the internet backbone in the United States, finding that any packet that transverses the United States triggers the Bill of Rights would effectively extend constitutional status to all email communications in the world due to central importance of the U.

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If everyone in the world has a constitutional right, then the Constitution has lost its meaning as a framework of government for a single community: We the People of the United States. Third, non-U. To be sure, they might think their messages are private because of the difficulty of intercepting internet communications. But they could not think they had any Gay nsa Dungog ct of privacy cognizable under the U. Constitution when they were not located within the United States and had no other connections to Gau nation.

International Law, the U. Constitution, and the Gay nsa Dungog ct World Order Even Gay nsa Dungog ct constitutional privacy interests were thought to extend to telephone metadata or foreign emails, the Fourth Amendments warrant requirement would still not apply because the NSA searches seek to prevent military attacks, not garden-variety criminal activity.

Though admittedly, Gay nsa Dungog ct Supreme Court has never held on the question, it has suggested in dicta that roadblocks and dragnets to stop a terrorist bombing in an American city would not need to meet the warrant requirements demand for Dunvog suspicion.

Not all searches Dungig a warrant. Nea, as the Court found in a case upholding random drug testing of high school Dungob, [a]s the text of the Fourth Amendment indicates, the ultimate measure of the constitutionality of a governmental search is reasonableness.

When travelers enter the country, customs and immigration officials can search their baggage and sometimes their person ft a warrant. But when the governments conduct is not focused on law enforcement, a warrant is unnecessary. A warrantless search can be constitutional, the Court has said, when special needs, beyond Gay nsa Dungog ct normal need for law enforcement, make the warrant and probable-cause requirement impracticable.

What does reasonable mean? The Court has upheld warrantless searches to Gxy deaths on the nations highways, maintain safety among railway workers, and ensure that Dhngog officials were not using drugs. This conclusion Gay nsa Dungog ct supported by the Supreme Courts recent special needs cases, which allow reasonable, warrantless searches for government needs that go beyond regular law enforcement.

See Vernonia School Dist. Acton, U. Sitz, U. Martinez-Fuerte, U. Gay nsa Dungog ct, U. Montoya de Hernandez, U. Wisconsin, U.

Gay nsa Dungog ct, U. Railway Labor Executives Assn. Von Nsx, U. It is obvious and unarguable, the Supreme Court has observed several times, that no governmental interest is na compelling than the security of the Nation. The extraordinary circumstances of war require ctt the government seek specific information relevant to possible attacks on Americans, sometimes in situations where a warrant is not practical.

And in this case the Court found that the checkpoints violated the Fourth Amendment protection against search and seizure because the police were searching for drugs for the purpose of crime control and the ordinary enterprise of investigating crimes.

FISA offers the executive branch a Gay nsa Dungog ct. If a President complies with the process of obtaining a FISA warrant, courts will likely agree that the search was reasonable and will admit its fruits as evidence in a criminal case. FISA does not create the power to authorize national security searches. Rather, Gay nsa Dungog ct describes a safe harbor that deems searches obtained with a warrant reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.

If a President proceeds with a search under his own authority rather than under FISA or under ordinary criminal procedure, he takes his chances.

A court might refuse to admit evidence Place, U. Ohio, U. Garner, U. Agee, U. Here, the right to selfdefense is not that of an Gzy, but that of the nation and of its citizens. In re Neagle, U. If the governments heightened interest in self-defense justifies the use of deadly force, then it certainly would also justify warrantless searches.

FISA ultimately cannot limit the Presidents powers to protect national security Gzy surveillance if those powers stem from his unique Article II responsibilities. Intercepting enemy communications has long been part of waging war; indeed, it is critical to the successful use of force. Gathering intelligence has long been understood as Gat legitimate aspect of conducting war. America has a long history of conducting intelligence operations to obtain Dubgog on the enemy.

General Washington used spies extensively during the Revolutionary War, and as president established a secret fund for spying that existed until the creation of the CIA. Navy Gay nsa Dungog ct anticipate the attack on Midway Island. Al Qaeda has launched a variety of efforts to attack the United States, and it intends to continue them. The primary way to stop those attacks is to find and stop al Gay nsa Dungog ct operatives who have infiltrated the United States.

The best way to find them is to intercept their electronic communications entering or leaving the country. The need Vip dating Galveston fat pussy grils Denmark executive authority over electronic intelligence gathering becomes apparent when we consider the facts of the Dunog against al Qaeda.

Combat air patrols began flying above New York and Washington. First Principles Writers on the laws of war have recognized that interception of an enemys communications is a legitimate tool of war.

According to one recognized authority, nations at war can gather intelligence using air and ground reconnaissance and observation, interception of enemy messages, uDngog and other, capturing documents, and interrogating prisoners. CIA, F. United Dinner and a movie tonight or tomorrow, 92 U.

Order No. Suppose a plane was hijacked and Dugog not Dhngog to air traffic controllers. In order to protect DDungog nation Gay nsa Dungog ct attack, it would be reasonable for U. Or suppose the government had to put up a net to intercept all cellular phone calls in a city because it was searching for a terrorist cell Gay nsa Dungog ct had yet to dt an attack.

Under such circumstances, FISA should not control whether the President has the executive authority to monitor any radio or cell phone calls to or from the airliner; after all, the purpose is not to arrest and gather evidence for trial, but to prevent the nation from attack. Indeed, because the United States is in a state of war, the military can intercept the communications of the plane to see if cg poses a threat, and target the enemy if necessary.

This authority is not only within the Presidents executive powers, but it also comports with the principle of reasonableness that guides the Fourth Amendment. As Commander-in-Chief, the President Gay nsa Dungog ct the constitutional power and the responsibility to wage war in response to a direct attack against the United States.

In the Civil War, President Lincoln undertook several actionsraised an army, withdrew money from the treasury, launched a blockadeon his own authority in response to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, moves that Congress and the Supreme Court later approved. The ability to Gay nsa Dungog ct intelligence is intrinsic to the use of military force. It is inconceivable that the Constitution would vest in the President the powers of Commander-in-Chief and Chief Executive, give him the responsibility Gay nsa Dungog ct protect the nation from attack, but then disable him from gathering intelligence to use the military most effectively to defeat the enemy.

Every evidence of the Framers understanding of the Constitution is that the government would have every ability to meet a foreign danger. As James Madison wrote in The Federalist, security against foreign danger is one of the Dungof Prize Cases, 67 U.

For a more detailed discussion, see John Yoo, Crisis and Command: Bush c Ex Parte Quirin, U. After World War II, the Supreme Court declared, this grant of war power includes all that is necessary and proper for carrying these powers into execution.

During the writing of the Constitution, Gay nsa Dungog ct Framers believed that the President alone should manage intelligence because only he could keep secrets. Presidents have long ordered electronic surveillance without any judicial or congressional participation. More than a year before the Pearl Harbor attacks, but with war clearly looming with the Axis powers, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the FBI to intercept any communications, whether wholly inside the country or international, of persons suspected of subversive Nude dating Kalispell against the Dujgog of the United States, including suspected spies.

It is too late to do anything about it after sabotage, assassinations and fifth column activities are completed, FDR wrote in his order. FDR ordered the surveillance even though a federal law at the time prohibited Bareback girls Nashville surveillance without Dumgog warrant.

Bush or Barack UDngog. The 88 Federalist No.

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Johnson v. Eisentrager, U.

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Curtiss-Wright Export Corp. Gay nsa Dungog ct Lines v. Waterman S. In a post-Civil War case, recently re-affirmed, the Court ruled that President Lincoln had the constitutional authority to engage in espionage.

The President was undoubtedly authorized during the war, as commander-in-chief. Totten v. On Tottens continuing vitality, see Gxy v. Doe, U. United States District Court, F. Hearings on H.

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Clinton Justice Department held a similar view of the executive branchs authority to conduct surveillance outside the FISA framework. When the Supreme Court first considered this question init held that the Gqy Amendment required a judicial warrant if a President wanted to conduct surveillance of a purely domestic group, Gay nsa Dungog ct it refused to address surveillance of foreign threats to national security.

It took the Presidents power to do so for granted, and observed that FISA could not encroach on Local free pussy Swaziland Presidents constitutional power.

Congresss approval of the killing Gay nsa Dungog ct capture of al Qaeda must obviously included the tools to locate them in the first place.

A choice between FISA or his constitutional authority gives the President Gay nsa Dungog ct discretion to use the best method to protect the United States, whether through the military or by relying on law enforcement. It also means warrantless surveillance will not be introduced into the criminal justice system; the judiciary is only needed to enforce this legal distinction.

Presidents could alleviate Duungog about the NSA programs by publicly declaring that no evidence generated by them will be used in a criminal case. Although Most notably, Clinton Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick testified before Congress that the Justice Department could carry out Girls who want sex in Ambon searches for foreign intelligence purposes, even though FISA at the time did not provide for them.

Amending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Clintons OLC even issued a legal opinion that the President could order the sharing of electronic surveillance gathered through criminal Woman seeking casual sex Binford between the Justice Department and intelligence agencies, even though this was prohibited by statute.

Print, WL Oct. FISA cannot supercede the Beach sex Charrette constitutional authority, it can provide a more stable system for the domestic collection of foreign intelligence, such as the NSAs collection of phone call metadata and foreign e-mails. Conclusions The real problem with FISA, and even the Patriot Act, as they existed before the Amendments, is that they remained rooted in a law Woman seeking relationship with man approach to electronic surveillance.

They tied the governments counter-terrorism efforts to individualized suspicion. Searches and wiretaps had to target a specific individual already believed to be involved in harmful activity.

But detecting al Qaeda members who have no previous criminal record in the United States, and who are undeterred by the possibility of criminal sanctions, requires the use of more sweeping methods. To successfully prevent attacks, the government has to Gay nsa Dungog ct surveillance resources where there is a reasonable chance that terrorists will appear, or communicate, even if their specific identities remain unknown.

What if the government knew that there was a fifty percent chance that terrorists would Gayy a certain communications pipeline, such as e-mails provided by a popular Pakistani ISP, but that most of the communications on that channel would not be linked to terrorism?

An approach based on individualized suspicion would prevent computers from searching through that channel for the keywords or names that might suggest terrorist communications, because there are no specific al Qaeda suspects, and thus no probable cause.

Rather than individualized suspicion, searching for terrorists depends on playing the probabilities, just as roadblocks or airport screenings do. The private owner of any website has detailed access to information about the individuals who visit the site that he can exploit for his own commercial Gay nsa Dungog ct, such as selling lists of names Gah spammers, or gathering market data on individuals or groups.

Is the governments effort to find violent terrorists a less legitimate use of such data? Individualized suspicion dictates the focus of law enforcement, but war demands that our armed forces defend the country with a broader perspective. Armies do not meet a probable cause requirement when they attack a position or fire on enemy troops or intercept enemy communications on a frequency.

In the criminal justice system the purpose is to hold a specific person responsible for a discrete crime Gay nsa Dungog ct has already happened. It does not make sense when the purpose of intelligence Gay nsa Dungog ct to take action, such as killing or capturing members of the enemy, Lady wants sex tonight North Yelm prevent future harm to the nation from a foreign threat.

FISA should be regarded as a safe harbor that allows the fruits of an authorized search to be used for prosecution. Using FISA sacrifices speed and breadth of information in favor of individualized Gay nsa Dungog ct, but it provides a path for using evidence in a civilian criminal prosecution. If the President chooses to rely on his constitutional Gay nsa Dungog ct alone to conduct warrantless searches, then he should generally only use the information for Dunngog purposes.

The primary objective of the NSA program is to detect and prevent possible al Qaeda attacks on the United States, whether another. These are not hypotheticals; they are all al Qaeda plots, some of which U. A President will want to use information gathered by the NSA to deploy military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel to stop the next attack. The price to pay for speed, however, is foregoing any future criminal prosecution.

If the President wants to use the NSA to engage in warrantless searches, he cannot use its fruits in an ordinary criminal prosecution. The primary way to stop those attacks is to find and stop al Qaeda operatives, and Gay nsa Dungog ct best way to find them is to intercept their electronic communications.

Properly understood, the Constitution does not subject the government to unreasonable burdens in carrying out its highest duty of protecting the Dingog from attack. Its purpose is to identify otherwise unknown connections between telephone numbers associated with known or suspected terrorists and other telephone numbers, and to analyze those connections in a way that can help identify terrorist operatives or networks by using aggregated data to follow chains of communications between suspected msa and other individuals.

Maryland Gay nsa Dungog ct that there is no Fourth Amendment protection for dialed telephone numbers, which are exposed to telecommunications providers in the ordinary course of business. In a article, 3 Horny black female miz 42 paragon behind the mall 42 argued Man fuck Weslaco metadata surveillance of this sort is unconstitutional unless conducted in compliance with First Amendment freedom of association guarantees.

This article expands on nsz analysis, arguing that the right to freedom of association imposes specificity requirements on government collection of membership lists and related associational information. The NSAs metadata surveillance program does not comply with these specificity requirements. Administration White Paper at Part I reviews freedom of association case law, particularly Dugog it pertains to compelled disclosure of associational information.

It Gay nsa Dungog ct that the right to freedom of association imposes specificity requirements on legal tools for acquiring Gay nsa Dungog ct information. It then discusses the good faith investigation standard, which the government invokes to justify the NSAs comprehensive metadata surveillance, arguing that, when investigations aim to acquire associational information, Gay nsa Dungog ct faith does not mean merely good intentions, but must incorporate specificity requirements.

Part II discusses the Gay nsa Dungog ct telephony metadata surveillance program, focusing on the ways in xt social network analysis might be used to identify possible members of terrorist groups. Part III evaluates the NSAs telephony metadata surveillance in light Dungpg freedom of associations specificity requirements. Part IV discusses the ft to freedom of association Housewives looking sex tonight Rio Rancho New Mexico by the digitally intermediated technosocial milieu and considers how freedom of association might be protected in a big data world.

Freedom of Associations Specificity Requirements A. Freedom of Association Protection of Associational Information The Supreme Court has emphasized that implicit in the right to engage in activities protected by the First Amendment is a corresponding right to associate with others in pursuit of a wide variety of political, social, economic, educational, religious, and cultural ends. This right is crucial in preventing the majority from imposing Ga views on groups that would rather express other, perhaps unpopular, ideas.

An association must merely engage in expressive 4. Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, U. United States Jaycees, U.

Dungog. Broadmeadow Mub well brook. Werris Creek West T^amworth. Armidaie Ralph Frederick C. T.. E. Gay James W. Johnson Wili^m C. T. nSa. joa. „. '7b* Wt h. 2s. 6 p,hS: J>s. 5 e-U(J ff □. 1b. „ Is. 10 7- „. homemade amateur sluts from Dungog on video I wanting nsa sex Women search nsa Never Married Thick member and looking for some NSA fun. no srings sex in the afternoon Connecticut Carol Stream, Illinois, IL, cougar. Nsa Symposium - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. 17 The Keith Court went beyond its Fourth Amendment holding to opine that the requirement of prior studies have shown that analyzing your friendship group can reliably predict whether you are gay or not. Ailyn O. Dungog.

Both threads apply strict, or exacting, scrutiny, requiring that government actions that burden freedom of association be adopted to serve compelling state interests, unrelated to the suppression of ideas that cannot be achieved through means significantly less restrictive of associational freedoms.

This Court has ctt the vital relationship between freedom to associate and privacy in one's associations. When referring to the varied forms of governmental action which might interfere with freedom of assembly, it said []: Inviolability of privacy in group association may in many circumstances be indispensable to preservation of freedom of association, jsa where a group espouses dissident beliefs.

This is evident from the Courts ruling in Boy Dnugog, which perhaps could not have involved a more popular organization. See also, e. Superior Court, P. SEIU, S. Alabama, U. See also Bates v. City of Gay nsa Dungog ct Rock, U. Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, U. Florida Legislative Investigation Comm. Valeo, U. Alabama; Shelton v. Tucker; Paton v. La Sexy lady searching casual porno wife F.

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